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You're welcome to use any handler or any starter with any of my characters, unless I've specifically asked otherwise.

Sweetheart & Cider aside, most of my stryx have seen very little use.

Import ImagePreferred HandlerBiorhythmTrackerPrimary BuildSecondary Build
Cider 998UndecidedNocturnalTrackerScavengerHunting/Fishing
Raspberry 1658UndecidedNocturnalN/aUndecidedUndecided
Willow 6989Wild/Use StarterCrepuscularN/aScavengerHunter/Fishing
Sweetheart 11372Asher/WolverRotDiurnalTrackerScavengerArena
Charlotte 12007Wild/Use StarterNocturnalN/aFishingHunter

Dragons of Aquella

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Genos and Breeding Slots (all)


Link to Genos Which OwnedARPGNotes
Memphis's StryxAll 3DracostryxAwaiting Review: 1 | 2 | 3
Tokotines 20192 and 3Tokotas (inactive)keeping 2, name Zoe
Hatched Copper Egg1Dragons of AquellaMay Design / May Commish
Hatched Silver Egg1Dragons of AquellaMay Design / May Commish
Lycan Geno1DracostryxAdd Silvering, Horned Body. Rack. Crested. Ice Breath.
Silver Tier Semi-Custom1DracostryxCardinal, Jay(Tips), Silvering (maybe). Osprey. Dunstripe/Blanket. Lycan.

Slots to Breedings

Link to ProofSexTypeNotes
DS - BoryaFemaleSilken LycanBloodborne. Shadow Breath. Snow.
DS - OsirisMaleCommon LycanFire Breath. Nox.
DS - KlutzFemaleVelvet CasuaNo lineage, Nox
DS- SunyataMaleCommon TytoDOM Nox